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Introducing the Modern Support Stack from FullStory

The Modern Support Stack brings together best-in-class digital support solutions, across eight key technology categories. Discover how you can use FullStory, alongside your favorite support platforms, to elevate your digital customer support experience.

Explore each of the categories below, grab your copy of our free guide on the right, and chat with the FullStory team about support challenges, strategic approaches, and technology by using the form at the bottom.

1. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

While your CRM allows you to centralize key customer and account information, it can be difficult to drive timely action based on this information. Integrating FullStory with your CRM unites each customer’s historical interactions with their current activities. This means you can access real-time insights that drive resolution and prevent the need to ask repetitive questions.

2. Customer Success Platforms (Live Chat & Support)

Customer success software platforms centralize all customer data into an accessible 360-degree view, but support requests that come in via chat or other self-service channels are rarely contextualized, leaving support teams struggling to understand exactly where and why users experience friction. FullStory works in tandem with your platform to provide crystal clear insight into where your users struggle and why. 

Now available: Learn more about the power of combining FullStory with your support platforms by watching this five-minute video.

3. Customer Feedback Management

No matter how much customer feedback you collect, it can be difficult to understand what the online experience really feels like for users and customers on your site or app. FullStory provides additional context to the feedback you are collecting to identify the root of the problem and understand the scale of the issue.

Now available: See FullStory in action with customer feedback management platforms with this 7 minute video

Explore 3 specific use cases for FullStory + your customer feedback management platform via Survicate →

4. Call Tracking & Call Center Solutions

Companies using a call tracking solution can trace each incoming call back to the online source where the caller experienced an issue. However, even if your support team knows where the issue occurred, it is often difficult for a customer to explain exactly what they experienced. When you integrate FullStory with your call tracking solution, you can access a customer’s specific web or app session as soon as they make a call.

5. Bug Tracking & Application Performance Management

Many bugs are proactively surfaced by Bug Tracking and Application Performance Management (APM) tools. However, in the resolution process, a bottleneck often forms when trying to reproduce the issue. Using FullStory in tandem with your bug tracking solution provides your team with a session replay link alongside an error detection alert, so you can visualize the error and understand what happened before, during, and after a user encountered the issue.

Now available: Watch this 7-minute video to see exactly how FullStory works with bug tracking applications

6. Digital Adoption Platforms

Digital adoption platforms enable companies to create feature tours and embed tooltips to guide users through their digital products. While proactive communication is useful, teams are often relying on their assumptions to develop these workflows and messaging. FullStory removes the guesswork from the process by arming teams with real data and the ability to measure the success of implemented guides.

7. Experience Optimization Platforms

Experience Optimization Platforms allow teams to test any aspect of the digital experience and customer journey before rolling it out. With FullStory, you can see and understand the root cause of any issue and generate more powerful experiment hypotheses based on visual evidence, understand why a particular variant out-performed another, and launch personalized experiences based on user frustration signals.

8. Team Collaboration Software

Team Collaboration software enables your digital teams to share information easily, leading to a better understanding of the problem at hand, assigned tasks, key deadlines. However, companies rarely have a streamlined process for communication around issue resolution. When you integrate FullStory with your team collaboration solution, your teams can easily identify an issue in FullStory and send all of the necessary context—including a session link, network console information, additional notes—directly to the appropriate parties.